Pop Tops crowdsourced creative inspiration for a relaunch campaign in Australia

Pop Tops, an Australian fruit juice drink, was re-launched with an iconic on-the-go format designed for 4-6-year-old kids.

The marketing team was looking for a visual way to communicate Pop Tops beverages as a permissible, fun and adventurous option that appeals to both mum and her children. Pop Tops invited the eÿeka community to trigger starter creative ideas.

The eÿeka – Pop Tops winning idea was ...

In 3 weeks, the marketing team received 118 ideas from 25 countries.

The winning idea, designed by a Belgian Creator, captivated mum’s and her children’s attention by transporting them to another, more adventurous world. The proposed headline “A small juice for a big adventure!” reinforced the kid-friendly pack format benefits; it is small enough for little hands to hold, and re-sealable to avoid an un-necessary mess.


A national campaign relaunched Pop Tops

Pop Tops used the winning idea to inspire its creative Agency, Tribe Marketing, to develop a campaign called “Small Drink, Big Adventures” that transports drinkers into a fantasy world. The national campaign was launched in December 2013.

Campaign touchpoints included print ads placed in food magazines like Taste Magazine & Super Food Ideas and in POS at retailers like Shopalites and Warringah Mall.

The Client’s eÿeka experience ...

“We received a great breadth of fantastic creative and appreciate the time and effort that has gone into each piece. The winning creative strikes a great balance, and we loved how the viewer is transported to a world of adventure that both mums and kids can relate to.”

Brand Director, Schweppes Australia


Schweppes Australia, formerly part of Schweppes – Cadbury, was acquired by Asahi Breweries in 2009. Asahi Beverages Group’s non-alcoholic beverages include Pepsi, Gatorade, Sunkist, but also Australian soda, juice and water brands like Pop Tops, Solo, Passiona, Cottee’s Cordial, Cool Ridge, and more.

Eÿeka is thrilled to be part of this Pop Tops Success Story!

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