How to communicate the “Dirt Is Good” brand platform effectively?

With “Dirt Is Good”, Unilever wanted to free mums from their laundry worries and show them that dirt and stains should be embraced for a well-balanced childhood. But how should Unilever communicate that message in engaging ways?

Unilever asked eÿeka’s creative crowd for help

Unilever asked our community to come up with unconventional and surprising stories about how a mum is brave and resourceful enough to creatively teach her child an important lesson, through dirt and stains.

Where did the best idea come from?

The first prize for video went to a German named Florian Genal (“Flojoart” on eÿeka). The most surprising thing is that Flojoart is not a professional animation artist! He is a dancer, acrobat and choreographer!

The TVC that drew inspiration from the winning creative

Flojoart’s creative idea inspired Unilever’s Breeze Active Bleach TVC in the Philippines. In the spot, a mother encourages her son to fully enjoy a football game by dirtying his brand new, spotless football shoes.

The approach drew positive attention from the media

How crowdsourcing platform eÿeka became part of Unilever’s creative process.

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What Unilever said about crowdsourcing creative:

eYeka’s creators gave us fresh, unexpected ideas on how we could better communicate to mums in a more engaging fashion.

Kaarthik Subramani

Brand Development Director, Unilever

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