Commercial innovation

From supermarket shelves to social media, brands find it harder to cut through the clutter. Good design is essential to capture consumers’ attention, and offer something that truly resonates. You can boost your return-on-investment on design and branding projects by engaging consumers as idea creators.

Co-creation with consumers will allow you to create functional innovations or seek expressions of your brand personality through logos, branding elements or packaging, in a matter of weeks. The project output is of sufficient quality to be ready for internal validation, agency inspiration and consumer testing.

Learn how eÿeka helped leading brands refresh their brand identity, personalize a product or refresh an iconic packaging design.

Finding a packaging design that stands out on shelves

Doncafé, one of Serbia’s leading coffee brands owned and marketed by the 5th largest coffee maker in the world, Strauss Coffee, wanted to make its small-size instant coffee mixes stand out on the shelves. The size of ready-to-mix sachets makes it difficult to stand out in the crowded supermarket shelves among all the other coffee brands. Doncafé could not change the size or shape of the product but could revamp the packaging design, with the help of the eÿeka community.

ROMI: Launch in stores less than a year after project kick-off.

The number of submissions and the quality of the work delivered was truly impressive and far above our expectations. I would like to thank all participants for their effort and brilliant ideas, and I congratulate Holly (eYeka member) for being the best of the best!

Katerina Sibalic
Marketing Director, Strauss Group Adriatic

Redesigning A Global Food Brand To Make You Smile

A 60 years food & beverage company, which has grown to become a global leader, was looking to modernize its visual brand identity to better communicate its forward looking and positive values.

eYeka's community gave us new promising areas we have not explored or thought of before.

Global Brand
Consultant, Food & Beverage Company

Co-creating original designs to personalize an automotive icon

Citroën offers customers the option to personalize their DS3 model with a choice of unique roof, mirror, dashboard and wheel rim designs.

How do you inject a personal touch of French luxury to an automotive icon?

Los resultados de los creativos de eYeka a menudo nos sorprenden y alimentan directamente nuestro trabajo interno enriqueciendo y estimulando nuestros equipos.

Philippe Claverol
Responsable de la Línea DS del grupo Peugeot Citroën

Re-styling the 50cl Volvic Water bottle

Danone’s challenge was to refresh the 50cl Volvic bottle design as an iconic bottle, which conveys status and desire while getting more presence on the shelves especially when it is placed alongside soft drinks.

We have used eYeka because we were stuck. It gave us freshness, originality and different angles to tackle problems with our design agency.

Christine Jean
MRCI Director, Danone Waters