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Resumen de la convocatoria

Imagina qué ollas y sartenes mejorarán tu viaje cotidiano por la cocina.

Con el fin de mejorar la experiencia de cocinar y ayudar a la gente a preparar comidas deliciosas o saludables, inventa un utensilio de cocina y los servicios que lo acompañen.

Exposición de 4 páginas máximo con elementos visuales y texto.

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TEFAL Groupe seb

Thank you for your participation in the Tefal – The Cooking Journey contest.

We were impressed by the overall quality, creativity and diversity of the entries you submitted, which made it very difficult for us to choose our favorite ones. Hats down to all of you!

We really hope you enjoyed reinventing people’s cooking experience as much as we enjoyed reviewing your ideas.

Congrats to the winners and again thanks to everyone for their participation.

Ganadores Premio del Jurado

Selección de TEFAL

shobz #1 Premio
shobz 1.039.220 Puntaje Creativo
  • Diseño Gráfico
  • Video
  • Ilustración
  • Animación
  • Escritura creativa
  • Diseño de Etiquetas & Envases
  • Escritura de guiones para videos y animaciones

#1 Premio de 3.000 € para Calorie/Carb Lessening Cookware

The concept stands out from the other ideas thanks to its very innovative cooking process that could revolutionize the approach of people toward healthier cooking. The project is backed up with a scientific line that seems interesting, even if it needs to be checked. Anyway, cooking delicious meals while keeping carbs at their minimal rate is a fantastic idea… Well done!

azoulayraphael3 #2 Premio
azoulayraphael3 58.160 Puntaje Creativo
  • Diseño Gráfico
  • Ilustración
  • Animación
  • Diseño de Etiquetas & Envases

#2 Premio de 1.500 € para O'GUSTO - La cuisson vapeur par Tefal

This execution is truly ingenious and would definitely make everyday cooking way easier for everyone. We really appreciated the built-in strainer concept and the smart details such as the stay-cool area on both sides of the pot. Well done!

hz_smily #3 Premio
hz_smily 63.000 Puntaje Creativo
  • Escritura creativa
  • Escritura de guiones para videos y animaciones

#3 Premio de 500 € para “Easy taking” pressure cooker

The interesting thing about this entry is that it valorizes both the cooking pot and the cooking result thanks to its ingenious external wheel. Easy and smart, what else could we ask for? Congrats!


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