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Cuéntanos cómo Vicks proporciona el mejor alivio para el resfriado y la tos para que vuelvas a sentirte bien.

Mediante un anuncio impreso y una breve historia, cuéntanos cómo alivia Vicks los síntomas de la congestión de tu resfriado.

Anuncio impreso: fotografía o ilustración con un texto de explicación (2 páginas en total, solo PDF).

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Vicks P&g

I want to thanks all community for your valuables entries. We really loved to see how you transform our brand and play according to the brief, we were not expencting so much quantity of entires, and I hope you had a great time creating, such as we did reviewing it. Vick being a loved brand for many years needed some fresh minds and creatives to keep building its heritage and many thanks for this!

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osbornenash #1 Premio
osbornenash 68.610 Puntaje Creativo
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Reino Unido

#1 Premio de 1.500 € para Vicks – Remember that feeling?

You really bring to life Vick equity, not only the main purpose of the brand to bring your self again, but also in line with our design guideline, we really like how you use the brand assets.

josebernabe #2 Premio
josebernabe 0 Puntaje Creativo
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Países Bajos

#2 Premio de 600 € para Be Yourself Again

Leveraging on vaporub vapors was the reason we loved your creativity, this is the most important asset we want to differentiate with Vaporub. Many thanks!

Bruno_Tesse #3 Premio
Bruno_Tesse 0 Puntaje Creativo
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#3 Premio de 400 € para Vicks - Breathe again

You bring to life on the best way the benefit of being health again, with no flu, giving a deep breathing the next day in the morning, also we loved the effect of the chest full grown.


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