Música de Kellogg's La convocatoria ha terminado

¡Crea la banda sonora de un desayuno feliz con Kellogg’s!

13.000 €
La convocatoria ha finalizado el 21 de diciembre de 2014
Video - Animación

No one likes getting up and mornings are often gloomy. But there’s another way to experience this time of day: the Kellogg’s way. Just pick a Kellogg’s product, pour some in a bowl, add a splash of milk, and you’re ready to jam! The delicious flavor, the nutritious value, and that crunchy sound that comes with every bite ensure that you will make every breakfast a musical celebration that will help you through the day.

Whether alone, with friends or with your family, show us what tunes you create with Kellogg’s as your main musical instrument. Let’s crunch & roll!

Format: Video or animation, up to 60 secs