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Create a bold story for SUCCESS scalp tonic to convince balding men that it is the ultimate solution.

Create a strong, engaging and original video or animation that explains why only SUCCESS scalp tonic can strengthen men's hair, prevent hair loss and make a difference in their lives.

A video or animation, 60 seconds max.

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Success Kao

We pay our respect and convey thankfulness to all the participants.

We're satisfied to find a lot of entries that have unconventional ideas beyond our expectation. We would like to utilize these suggestive ideas for our communication activity for the future. 

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grigoriisok #1 Premio
grigoriisok 40 Puntaje Creativo
  • Diseño Gráfico
  • Video
  • Animación
  • Escritura creativa

#1 Premio de 7.000 €

Metaphor of women that symbolizes hair is unique and the entry has excellent context where we can describe what we would like to communicate with the target. Change of  woman's dance and man's facial expression are  effective performance that can convey emotional message to the viewers. We highly value the entry.

Matias_76 #2 Premio
Matias_76 80 Puntaje Creativo
  • Video
  • Fotografía
  • Escritura de guiones para videos y animaciones

#2 Premio de 5.000 €

Very insightful point to us is  this entry's view point that shows woman underpins man's success and man's confidence about hair. What the woman sprays Success to the man is unexpected  performance to us. We are amazed by the originality.  

loiclasne #3 Premio
loiclasne 0 Puntaje Creativo
  • Video
  • Ilustración
  • Escritura creativa
  • Escritura de guiones para videos y animaciones

#3 Premio de 3.000 €

The copy "Feed your hair" is excellent and surprising scene where animals have a meal enhances the impact of the video. 


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