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Muestra a los niños que el batido de chocolate Dutch Lady es el más delicioso que han probado jamás

¿Cómo convencer a un niño para que se haga con el batido de chocolate más rico del mundo? Crea un vídeo o animación inesperado, sorprendente y extraordinario sobre lo que ocurre cuando un niño «glotón» descubre el riquísimo batido de chocolate Dutch lady.

Formato: Vídeo o animación de una duración máxima de 60 segundos.

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Dutch Lady Frieslandcampina

Hi everyone, good effort and good work! Thank you very much for the creativity and also time invested into producing some good work for Dutch Lady Chocolate Drink. Appreciate all the submissions and really good ideas came up. Thanks and we'll hope to see your submissions again for upcoming projects! Cheers! 

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vladimir_tagvey #1 Premio
vladimir_tagvey 0 Puntaje Creativo
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#1 Premio de 5.000 €

Hi Vladimir_tagvey, thank you for your submission and its a good piece of work. Its creative, enjoyable and also shows the yummy-ness of the chocolate drink with the first kid finishing 4 glasses! Good work!

Dutch Lady
danamtiel #2 Premio
danamtiel 0 Puntaje Creativo
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Estados Unidos

#2 Premio de 3.000 €

I'm a copywriter for an ad agency. I love making short films on the side of work, and doing it for a competition seemed fun. So I just googled 'video contests.'

My tips: don't wait until the last minute and use a good camera! 

Winning has made me want to make even more videos! It's inspiring.

Hi danamtiel, thank you for your submission. We picked your entry because this is a unique and different way of showing that the kid loved Dutch Lady Chocolate Drink. And the twist in the end is also quite entertaining. Good work!


Dutch Lady
Mike_Galeck #3 Premio
Mike_Galeck 10 Puntaje Creativo
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#3 Premio de 2.000 €

I knew eYeka from a conversation I had with a friend. I did not trust about these contests at first, but my friend encouraged me to participate.

And that year changed my life.  Since then I have been participating!

I work as security guard for half of the month, the rest of the time I participate in these contests, and the rest of the time, I study.

My tips to the other creators: try to be methodical, choose a good competition, a strength of your skills can be the key to success. 

Besides the satisfaction and joy, I feel a special taste for the competition. I think it's a constant development of my potential. It gives me the feeling that everything is at your fingertips, nothing is impossible.

Hi Mike_Galeck, thank you for your submission. We are impressed with the quality and the effort that is delivered in this video. It also shows how wonderful and happy the child can be after drinking Dutch Lady Chocolate Drink, and of course the choco wonderland makes it super yummy!


Dutch Lady

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