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Surprise us with a new world where everything is “better” than it should be with i40

Create an engaging and surprising viral video that shows what happens in a new world where everything is better than it should be. Make it fun, intense and unexpected!

Videos & animation no longer than 60 secs in total (including the video/end frame you need to feature in your creation)

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evercom #1 Premio
evercom 0 Puntaje Creativo
  • Video
  • Escritura creativa

#1 Premio de 12.500 €

This is a viral video which follows serials trends.

rom1s #2 Premio
rom1s 0 Puntaje Creativo
  • Video

#2 Premio de 5.000 €

I get inspiration from movies, commercials, music but also people in the streets.

The prize is going to allow me to make other videos and to organize a big party with my actors!:)

This creation delivers the idea of our slogan

dmotion #3 Premio
dmotion 0 Puntaje Creativo
  • Diseño Gráfico
  • Video
  • Ilustración
  • Animación
  • Escritura creativa
  • Diseño de Etiquetas & Envases

#3 Premio de 2.500 €

Funny and viral


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