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¡Cuenta una historia de cómo un niño enorgullece a su madre!

Hay algunas madres que prefieren que sus hijos crezcan a su propio ritmo en vez de empujarlos demasiado. Quieren las cosas “a medida” para sus hijos, ni mas ni menos. Por supuesto, como madres, también quieren sentirse asombradas y conmovidas por los logros de sus hijos. Quieren sentirse orgullosas de sus hijos, especialmente frente a otras madres.

Utiliza tu veta creativa para contarnos una historia convincente y atractiva sobre cómo un niño enorgullece a su madre, frente a otras madres.

Formato: guiones (necesita tener gráficos, no puede ser solamente un documento de texto); videos y animaciones de entre 30 – 60 segundos.

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#1 Premio de 5.000 €

Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I am 26 years old. I started getting interested in graphics and video in 2007. But I've only known Eyeka and its call for entries for a few months now. I was immediately arrested by the quality of the briefs and the diversity of projects. I am very happy to have won the first prize of SGM3, for which I was inspired by a true story … This is important for my career, and I hope it will continue … Thanks to Vicky for her help, thank you to those who followed our projects, and if you would like to take a part to work on projects, here is my website: www.oneted-prod.com. I think working on Eyeka contests' briefs is  a great way to demonstrate our creativity. A big thank you to all of the Eyeka team for the support given, and I wish all the best to all the creative people out there

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The brief concept is quite interesting and it challenged me as a creator. I really enjoyed working on my entry because I had the freedom to express my idea. The idea itself got onto me unexpectedly when I was taking a stroll at a park near my house.

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#3 Premio de 2.000 €

I'm very happy! This is my third contest on eYeka and I won! I am really happy. eYeka has given me a big chance to keep on creating and sharping my brain to be even more creative. eYeka is a fun place to pour out my creativity. Hopefully eYeka will keep on being the best media for creators who thirst for fresh ideas. And also, the prizes are a hugeeee motivation as well.

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