Minute Maid PULPY La convocatoria ha terminado

¡Muéstranos cómo Minute Maid PULPT te hace revivir, te recompone de un modo audaz e inesperado!

30.000 €
La convocatoria ha finalizado el 29 de marzo de 2012
Video - Animación

Minute Maid PULPY is a fruit drink with pulps. The vibrant big and small pulps are from real fruits and are filled with fresh juice. When they are bursting in your mouth, the drink delivers a burst of zest. It will reset you whenever you feel stale, flat and demotivated.

Surprise us with a video or animation that shows how Minute Maid PULPY resets you to fresh, in a bold and unexpected way.

Format: 30 - 60 seconds videos and animations