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Through a 60-second video/animation, share with us how ice cream brings happiness to your life!

It can be an action movie, comedy, romance story, or even a music video. Simply unleash your creativity and share with us your ice cream experience.

Video/animation must reflect the Cold Stone spirit:
- It has to be fun. Just like the Cold Stone experience.
- It has to make us smile. This is to be in line with Cold Stone’s mission – “We will make people happy”
- It has to be appealling to the Gen Y
- Just like Cold Stone, your video/animation has to be so fabulous that we just want to share it with the world

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JMGPRODUCTION80 33.410 Puntaje Creativo
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#1 Premio de 3.600 € para COLD STONE N°1 - THE CAR

daflleje #2 Premio
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#2 Premio de 1.800 € para Joy, Fun, Cold Stone

Eusong_Lee #3 Premio
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#3 Premio de 1.000 € para PLANET ICE CREAM

kadarican #4 Premio
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#4 Premio de 700 € para Lovable memories

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