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Let’s discover おもてなし (“omotenashi” - Japanese hospitality) with a new car experience for Nissan!

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La convocatoria ha finalizado el 15 de noviembre de 2021
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Riding a car can be full of enjoyable moments as you discover the scenery, explore new places while going on vacation, enjoy the company or simply just the driving itself.

On the other hand, the drive can turn into a stressful experience due to traffic, long tiring journeys, bad weather conditions, distractions, or kids getting bored / annoyed.

We feel there is an opportunity on every ride to create an enjoyable moment when being on the road or just being in the car! How? By turning anxious feelings into happy, comfortable, or relieved emotions or by making pleasant moments even more enjoyable experiences!

Nissan is a brand with おもてなし also called “omotenashi” (term for Japanese hospitality) in its DNA which refers to more than just a welcoming environment. It refers to the traditional definition of “omotenashi” meaning offering more than what is expected at a certain time and at a certain place and is offered just for you. The “omotenashi” experience incorporates the feeling that your every need and desire is satisfied, even before you can think of them.

For more information on ‘omotenashi’ click and read the information via the following link:  

As a brand making cars through a fundamentally Japanese approach, Nissan wants to ensure that drivers and passengers can experience the atmosphere of ‘omotenashi’ by creating a thoughtful car that is able to address needs even before people could think of them. Can you help them?

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