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Enhance the digital experience for a US pet hospital chain!

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Pet Parents strive to provide the best for all members of their family – including their fur babies. This holds true especially when it comes to healthcare. Pet Parents look for vets that will treat their pets like their own and keep them healthy so they can have cuddles and love for years to come. Despite this, some pet hospitals, such as Banfield, still struggle with creating a unique and personalized experience for their customer.

Banfield is a practice of more than 3,600 veterinarians who spend their days helping to care for cats and dogs across the US. It is one of the largest general veterinary practices in the U.S. with more than 1,000 hospitals across the country and Puerto Rico.

One of Banfield’s offerings is the Optimum Wellness Plans® (OWPs), which enables them to develop partnerships with customers, while delivering customized, high-quality preventive care for every pet’s unique needs throughout life.

Approximately 85% of the time customers use Banfield, this is driven by a subscription model for the Optimum Wellness Plans (OWP), which offers visits, exams, vaccinations, etc. for a yearly fee. These plans offer a mix of benefits/services based on the life stage of the consumers’ pets. They are primarily focused on preventative and wellness care rather than sick or emergent care.

Banfield has identified a few key challenges that they face and goals that they would like to meet to overcome these challenges.

Challenge number 1: Retention rate is low (i.e., most of the people on a subscription service with Banfield don’t tend to stay with their subscription for an extended period of time), especially at key transition life stages (e.g., from puppy/kitten to adult)

Goal: Stop Pet Owners from leaving at key transition moments

Key reasons Pet Owners end their subscriptions:

  • Value for money (or what they think is a lack of value for money)
  • OWP’s do not cover sick / emergent care
  • Client experience is not as personalized as an independent / local veterinary practice.

 Challenge number 2: There is limited capacity / ability for individual hospitals to handle the current workload because demand for appointments is greater than the capacity of the veterinarians.

Goal: Uncover digital ways to lessen the burden of the hospitals while still providing a personalized and positive pet owner experience.

Banfield is looking to enhance their customers’ experience by providing digital tools and experiences that are personalized and foster relationships between Banfield vets and pet parents for years to come. Can you help?

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