Gillette MACH3 Start razors La convocatoria ha terminado

Make Polish men fall for Gillette MACH3 Start refillable razors

5.000 €
La convocatoria ha finalizado el 4 de noviembre de 2018
Diseño Gráfico - Escritura creativa

For men who choose a clean shave look, it’s important that it be done right! Men typically use either disposable razors or refillable razors. Disposable razors are good for couple of shaves max and are literally thrown away then. For refillable razors, one buys the handle once, and gets 15 shaves out of each blade. The amazing part is that the last shave is as sharp as the first one!

In Poland, as in many other European countries, more young men buy disposable razors mostly because they are looking for simple and affordable options in shaving. So, naturally, they pick disposables, the more affordable option, and figure “OK is good enough.”

Gillette, the leader in men’s razors, both disposable & refillable, is looking for a creative idea to help nudge Millennial Polish men to get the better shave, and hence the better razor they deserve, without spending too much!

Create an impactful poster with a headline for Gillette MACH3 Start razors that appeals to a man’s desire in becoming a better man, but which reassures him on value.