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Create a compelling storyboard, to convince on-the-go Millennials of the Philippines that Dole’s Fruit Bowls are “Power-Up In a Cup!”.

7.500 €
La convocatoria ha finalizado el 13 de septiembre de 2018
Ilustración - Escritura creativa - Escritura de guiones para videos y animaciones

For Millennials, there never seems to be enough time. With a balance of long working days and critical social time with friends, healthy meals might seem like a rare occurrence. For Millennials of the Philippines, the daily meal challenge is not so much about taste or nutrition but about simply finding the time. And for many, the traditional 3 daily meals have given way to multiple snacking throughout the day – those that are most accessible but not always the most nutritious tend to be easily selected. As are young optimists, they are not overly obsessed with healthy eating and tend to make practical inexpensive food choices. They trade-off health eating with convenience and affordability.

Luckily Dole can provide this easy going all day snacker with a nutritious, delicious and convenient snack. Dole have a new conveniently packaged Fruit Bowl that provides a nutritionally packed and beneficial option for snacking. Dole’s Fruit Bowls are made with bite-sized wedges of perfectly ripe fresh fruits that are processed and packed upon harvest, each bursting with Vitamin C. The quality of fruit sustains energy and allows easy going millennials to stay focused on their busy work and social lives.

Tell the story of how Dole’s Fruit Bowls are “Power-Up In a Cup!” for busy Millennials in the Philippines, who see fruit as being a relevant daily snack.