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Create an emotively inspiring and strongly persuasive campaign convincing Australians that BRITA filtered water is the very best choice for drinking water.

Convince Australians through an emotively inspiring campaign that It’s the BRITA brilliance that provides the best water every time, which is better for you, because of its unique filtration expertise and technology.

1 Page Poster and Tagline together with a short story explaining how your campaign will emotively and persuasively change water drinking habits.

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Thank you all for the participation - it has been a fun exercise going through all the entries!

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thomasgrimer #1 Premio
thomasgrimer 993.470 Puntaje Creativo
  • Ilustración
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Reino Unido

#1 Premio de 1.000 €

Topical and clever illustration of the mountain. Thank you for your entry!

Chuck_Lozano #2 Premio
Chuck_Lozano 61.740 Puntaje Creativo
  • Diseño Gráfico
  • Video
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#2 Premio de 750 €

Brilliant idea - so everydayish, so basic and so applicable.

YaDy84 #3 Premio
YaDy84 223.320 Puntaje Creativo
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  • Ilustración
  • Escritura creativa
  • Escritura de guiones para videos y animaciones

#3 Premio de 500 €

Good thinking on portrayal of the heart on a good cause for protecting water!


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