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Showcase the French Finesse of Fol Epi to awaken consumers' senses!

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La convocatoria ha finalizado el 22 de abril de 2018
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All over the world, cheese is a cherished dish. But in many countries, people are used to consuming a specific type of cheese: sliced cheese. It’s primarily put on bread, mainly full-fat without aromatization, and it’s considered as a staple food.

In Germany, sliced cheese is seen as a must-have product at home. You can mainly find sliced cheese on bread for breakfast due to a strong bread culture or for the German “Abendbrot”, a traditional and famous cold, light evening meal, which means “evening bread”.

Fol Epi offers a range of sliced cheese products known for its French charm. 

However, when consumers just buy cheese products out of rational determination, they don’t consider Fol Epi as an option. The brand has been trying to communicate its French Finesse through a TVC for years but it is not creating an emotional bond with consumers.

Can you help? 

In a poster with a catchy tagline, convince epicurean consumers that Fol Epi sliced cheese could bring a moment of excitement and pleasure, thanks to its French Finesse and touch of boldness.

Poster with a tagline + answers – 2 pages maximum