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Find funny, quirky names for Snapple beverages!

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Snapple is an iconic beverage brand in the US, known for its true-to-the-fruit-taste, its witty personality, and increasingly, for quirky, funny flavor names that bring to life its brand personality. 

For some flavors, Snapple already has quirky, funny names, like “Takes 2 to Mango Tea” for mango flavored tea, “Mango Madness” for mango flavored juice, “Go Bananas” for banana, and “Snapple Apple” for apple flavor. You can see that all these names integrate the flavor, are fun, catchy and memorable. 

Now, it is your turn to name the other Snapple flavors! 

Create a funny, quirky, cool Snapple-y name for Snapple ice tea or lemonade. 

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