Wonderful Water La convocatoria ha terminado

Inventa la siguiente generación de jarras "filter-as-you-pour" para proporcionar una experiencia emocionante con el consumo de agua

4.000 €
La convocatoria ha finalizado el 12 de octubre de 2017
Diseño Gráfico - Escritura creativa

A leading brand’s filter-as-you-pour product allows instant filtration of household tap water when it’s poured into a glass. It’s a super convenient way to enjoy better tasting water. But drinking plain water day after day can be boring and hard to keep motivated to do so throughout the day. How can we change this? How can this leading brand make drinking filtered water at home less boring and more engaging? We want to tap into your forward-thinking creative minds to come up with the next generation of this brand’s filter-as-you-pour product and quench your own thirst for a more engaging & motivating way to consume filtered water at home.

Invent the next generation of a filter-as-you-pour product that will motivate people to drink more water by making it less boring and an engaging part of their health routine