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Envision a future where anyone uses free transports to move around the city.

Imagine a self-sustaining, fare-free system that transports anyone living, working or visiting urban center in 2050.

An illustrated short story. 4 pages max.

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Thanks to all the creators who submitted such inspiring entries! The quality of entries was very impressive and we were happy to see the range of ideas. Thank you!


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frackdesign #1 Premio
frackdesign 10 Puntaje Creativo
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#1 Premio de 3.500 €

The creator of this concept put a great deal of effort into researching and considering the challenge. This resulted in a unique and compelling idea that seeks to promote healthy people and communities. Thanks so much for your input!

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thomasgrimer #2 Premio
thomasgrimer 918.990 Puntaje Creativo
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#2 Premio de 1.500 €

This was an extremely thorough, detailed concept that has very well thought-through practicalities, along with innovative details. Thanks for your entry!

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MacRone #3 Premio
MacRone 18.970 Puntaje Creativo
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#3 Premio de 1.000 €

This was a very unique idea that focused on improving the human experience through improved mobility. Thanks for the great concept!

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