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Envision a digitally enhanced luxury customer journey!

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Luxury stores can be different from other stores. They have prestigious locations; they are elegant and designed to match the brand’s image. Visitors sometimes go there for window-shopping to experience the luxury environment. For those who have the chance to buy, it is important to understand that they expect more than just the product itself. The luxury customer journey is complex.

In the past few years, digitalization has been used a lot to improve the retail experience and enrich the customer journey, especially in luxury stores. Now, staff are armed with screens, smart mirrors are used as video screens, product information is shown in digital displays, etc. Technology-savvy consumers are already very familiar with these technologies.

Nowadays, people are aware that digital solutions rely on the use of data. Geo-localization, history of navigation or personal preferences are leveraged by digital tools to improve our experiences in real life. In the meantime, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the privacy of their personal information.

We’re looking for new ideas from the consumer’s point of view to reach new frontiers and produce an exceptional physical shopping experience. Can you help to design this future luxury shopping experience? How would you digitalize luxury stores?

Desafío Creativo

Use digital interaction solutions to make the luxury shopping experience more exciting.

We want to envision what a digitally enhanced consumer journey in luxury stores looks like. There are already a lot of digital devices available: tablets and smartphones, connected devices, NFC or RFID chips, beacon, recognition technology, etc. The task is to imagine how they could be implemented throughout the customer journey to deliver a better experience.

We’re not looking for new technology to be installed in luxury stores. We want you to think about the entire customer journey, from glancing at the window, entering the store, being led to the personal lounge, interacting with the shopping assistant and making the purchase, to aftersales service. How can we provide a better customer experience using digital technology? How would you leverage customers’ data without being intrusive? How can technology bring entertainment and intrigue to luxury retail stores and motivate customers to visit the store more frequently and buy more products?

These cosmopolitan consumers opt for the personalized and elite customer service and tactile shopping experience. Therefore, the challenge here is to engage shoppers who enter the physical luxury stores in interactive solutions, not to lead them to shop online.

Bear in mind that the luxury stores experience is a complex mix. On one hand, it’s a public space that should be kept open for anybody to visit; on the other hand, it’s also a shop where customers buy luxury products. You should consider these two aspects and provide the right balance of both. Here is a patchwork that gives a glimpse of what it is.

Your idea should be presented with visual elements and text. On the first page, use some visuals or sketches to show us your ideal customer journey in a luxury store. On the second page, please answer these three questions:

  1. What is your idea and how does it work?
  2. How does it contribute to the “luxury” image of the brand, motivate the store visit and build customer loyalty?
  3. What data would you use in each step to enhance the experience? How far would you go?


Te damos estos ejemplos para que te hagas una idea de lo que espera el cliente. Por favor, no lo uses en tu presentación, de lo contrario, será rechazada.

An example of a good entry could be a sensor that is activated when a customer enters the store. It analyzes his purchasing history and profile to predict what he is looking for this time and sends the information to his shopping assistant. It also builds a 3D model of the client trying on the items. After being led to the lounge, the shopping assistant can show him the suggested items and how they look on him.

We think icons and infographics might be interesting tools to leverage for this contest. Feel free to use any kind of executions that would deliver a clear message and process.

A bad idea would be one that talks about existing technologies or suggests new technology without involving it in the customer journey. Sending a pop-up notification with discount when a customer enters the shop is an example of a bad idea.


Premio del Jurado

  • #1 Premio 1.500 €
  • #2 Premio 600 €
  • #3 Premio 400 €


2-page PDF with visuals and texts

Criterios de Selección

The winning entries need to use breakthrough digital interaction solutions to revolutionize the customer experience in luxury stores.


Pautas para esta convocatoria

  • Entries should be in English.
  • Please use the template provided in the toolkit
  • Here are some existing technologies already used in similar retail stores: Beacon, NFC, RFID, Facial Recognition, LED Display, mobile payment, connected fitting room, tablet, smartphone, video wall, digital showcase, etc. The challenge is not to invent a new technology but to use multiple technologies to improve the customer journey. You also need to include the data used in each step of the journey.
  • Las entradas deben estar en Inglés.
  • Las entradas seleccionadas serán utilizadas en la Internet. Las autorizaciones y licencias para utilizar elementos protegidos (incluso música, fotos…) deben ser comptatibles con la difusión en la web. Debes poder proporcionarnos una prueba escrita de estas autorizaciones y licencias en cualquier momento.

Pautas estándares de eYeka

  • No muestres ningún dato personal en la presentación (nombre, número telefónico, dirección de e-mail, etc.)
  • Mantén una versión de alta calidad en tu creación para ser utilizada en caso de ser seleccionado ganador.
  • Tu presentación debe ser tu propia creación para ser considerada en la convocatoria.
  • Debes obtener una autorización escrita de cada uno de los autores y actores que hayan participado en el vídeo.
  • Si has utilizado obras (música, fotografías, diseños, etc.) de otros autores, indica en la descripción del medio utilizado si la música y/o las imágenes empleadas son de tu propia creación e incluye enlaces a la licencia que te otorgue los derechos de uso de dicha música o imágenes.
  • eYeka te pedirá que proveas pruebas escritas o una copia de todos los documentos escritos confirmando la autorización a eYeka y a sus clientes para utilizar los medios según los términos de las Reglas del concurso.
  • Cualquier presentación que no cumpla con estas regulaciones no será considerada para el concurso.